Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Peter Pan and friends

My gorgeous nephew, Zac, is turning one next month and to celebrate his special day my sister wants to have a dress-up birthday party for him. After sharing different ideas we arrived at Peter Pan and she decided that that would be the theme! Unfortunately, they live in Zambia which means that the rest of our family won’t be with them on the day. I wanted to make something special for the party and knowing I was going to see them this last weekend I decided that I would make some cake decorations that my sister could take home with her and use on Zac’s cake. I have been using every spare moment to make these edible Peter Pan characters but have had stacks of fun doing it and I learnt a lot on the way. When I showed my sister last Thursday she was so surprised and excited! Even though I won’t be at Zac’s birthday party I am so glad that was able to contribute in some way!