Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2010 Cupcakes

combo2My Delight only officially began in January this year but I did make a lot of cupcakes last year. I have to thank my friends at the Newlands Digs for being my most supportive customers and being happy for me to try out different recipes on them. Thanks guys :) combo1

I also did a cupcake course at Chez Gourmet which is on Palmyra rd in Claremont. If you are ever interested in doing a cooking/baking course they are great! The classes are very organised and fun. There combo3are only a few people in the class which means you are able to ask questions and get more one-on-one help. You also leave with all the recipes you've used in the class as well as all the food you've made. Here are some pics from the course as well as others from the year...

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